Model Defination of Servo Driver

1. Model Definition of Servo Driver

2. SHANLONG Servo Driver Classification Table

Stepper Servo Driver Features

1. Product Introduction
The stepper servo driver series product is newly developed by Shanlong Company based on our years of study on stepper driver and servo driver technology. The full closed-loop control technology is employed. Combining the advantages of stepper driver as well as the servo driver, it is suitable for equipment with short stroke and high response such as pattern sewing machine, single head embroidery machine, CNC engraving machine etc.

2. Technical Features
Advantages compared to open-loop stepper motor:
Precise positioning and no step missing;
Motor resumes to original position even under external force;
Highly improve effective torque and speed of stepper motor;
Possess stepper motor’s advantage of large torque at low speed and also the servo motor’s advantage of fast response at high speed;
Reduce the motor heating and realize high efficiency.

Advantages compared to servo motor:
Automatic gain adjustment according to the varying loads without parameter setting; Low motor vibration and more stable running with smooth stop at high speed; Quick position response with fast and stable start and stop; With 40~60% cost lower than servo system, it is the best option for stepper system upgrade.

3. Technical Parameters

4. Installation Dimension