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Ultrasonic Reflective Material Compound Machine

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Ultrasonic Reflective Material Compound Machine

Ultrasonic reflective material compound machine (ultrasonic glossee embossing machine, ultrasonic glossee composite machine, ultrasonic reflective material knurling machine), is the 5th Generation of intelligent ultrasonic laminating machine,which is the most ideal environmental protection equipment without needle and tread sewing by using ultrasonic principle. It includes embossed and laminated machine, ultrasonic control box, winding machine of final product and fabric feeder.
1. Short welding time,ultrasonic automatic bonding without thread and needle more efficient and convenience,the sewing speed is more than 5 to 10 times compare with traditional way.the width of ultrasonic quilting machine is decided by client.
2. Needle is not used,, which avoids leaving the needle inside the product and hurting users. It’s a new ,safe and environmental protection product.
3. Compare with traditional way,ultrasonic quilting is of more cementation, clearly embossed surface and more three-dimensional relief effect, looking more high-classed and beautiful.
4. After Pinhole-free processing,it is waterproof and more warm.
5. it is easy to change roller die and sew many kinds of designs which can be designed according to user’s request.
6.This machine is fully automatic, equipped with infrared auto edge system can align layers of materials,and let all layers of material to keep in aligned state,low consumption of processing.product is more smooth and even.
7. Final products are without needle hole so they can keep warm.
8. Using the most advanced knurling skill core machine which ensures the most proper pressure and avoids scalding and is not firm enough.
Application range:
reflective material, glossee etc. Note: Roller is Engraving roll. Ultrasonic head is aircraft aluminum which can work 6-10 months.
Technical parameter:
1.Voltage: 380V, 3 phases, 50Hz
2.Producer power: 800W x (6-20 units)
3.Producer frequency: 20KHZ
4.Continuous working time: ≤ 24hours
5. Effective width : 1520mm/1820mm/2150mm/2450mm/2750mm/3200mm
6. Roller die diameter: ¢130-270mm
7. Roller die length: made by user’s demand
8. Total power: 1.5KW-5KW + 0.75KW-2KW +0.75KW
9. Size: 7000×2500×2100(L×W×H for model 1850)
10. Weight: 2.4T 11. Working speed: 50-1200mm/h
Product Sample:

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Our promise:

1. 1 year warranty of whole machine and lifetime maintenance.
2. Free technical advice.
3. Offer the quality design roller.
4. If the machine malfunctions, we will try to help you solve it within 24 hours by mail, video or phone. If serious malfunction happens, we send our engineer to repair it.

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