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Automatic Multifunctional Non Woven Bag Machine

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BD-600 Multi-functional Non-woven Bag Machine

Automatic non-woven shopping bag machine, automatic environment-friendly bag machine, automatic non-woven bag making machine, nonwoven bag making machine.
BD-600 automatic multi-functional non-woven bag machine is the combination of automatic control system and ultrasonic gluing skill. It can automatically produce various specifications of non-woven bags from raw material to feeding, folding, welding and cutting. It makes clothes handbag, shoe bag, bag with strings, flat bags, Vest bags, gift bags, hand bags, pillow bags, purses etc.
It is controlled by PLC, with photoelectric tracking, auto-correction, double magnetic brakes, no material automatically shutdown, ultrasonic sewing machine, ultrasonic back cover, automatic counting and industrial control devices such as counting alarm, ultraviolet sterilization, to the production of finished products Edge solid, tangent beautiful. High speed and efficiency, is that you can rest assured that the use of high-quality environmentally friendly non-woven bag making equipment.
The maximum width of bag :  320mmProduction speed: 60pcs/minmaxi-length of bag : 60mm Power: 220v Power preparationThe motor Power of main motor: 5.1 kwThe total power:  220V or 380Vsize: 7500 x 2000 x1250 mmweight: 1500kg
roll up material ---> fold---> form ---> punch ---> set out line ---> heat adhesion ---> folio ---> heat adhesion ---> cut ---> collect final product
Product Sample:

Flat bag Hand bag

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