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BD 6 Color Relief Printing Machine

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BD 6 Color Relief Printing Machine

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BD 6 colour relief printing machine is suitable for printing such packing materials as non-woven fabric, polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bag, glass paper and roll paper, etc. It is a kind of ideal printing equipment for producing paper packing bag for food, supermarket handbag, vest bag and clothes bag, etc.

1. Easy operation, flexible starting, accurate colour register.
2. The meter counter can set printing quantity according to the requirements, Stop the machine automatically at the set quantity or when the material is cut off.
3. Lift and lower the printing plate cylinder manually, it will automatically stir the printing ink after lifting.
4. The printing ink is spread by the knurled cylinder with even ink colour.
5. Reliable drying system coordinated with high-speed rotation, it will automatically break circuit when the machine stops.
6.360°continuous and adjustable longitudinal register device.
7. The imported frequency control of motor speed adapts to different printing speed.
8. There are inching/Stopping buttons on the plate roller base and material rolling rack so as to make it easy operate the machine when the plate is installed.
OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Air Shaft,Magnetic Powder Brake,Auto Edge Correction,Ceramic Anilox Roll


Model BD-6600 BD-6800 BD-61000 BD-61200 BD-61400
Max.Width of Printing Material (mm) 600 800 1000 1200 1400
Max.printing Width(mm) 560 760 960 1160 1360
Length Range of Printing Produc(mm) 191-914
Max.Diameter of Roll Material(mm) 450
Printing Speed (m/min) 5-50
Thickness of plate(mm)
(including Two-sided Glue Paper)
Power Supply(V) 380V (three-phase four-wire power cable)
Total Power(kw) 14.5kw 16.5kw 16.5kw 21kw 21kw
Machine Weight(kg) 4500kg 5000kg 5500kg 6000kg 6400kg
Incasement Weight(kg) 4800 5000 5500 6000 6700
Machine Dimensions (mm) 4200x1600
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