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CC-60S Ultrasonic Lace Machine

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CC-60Q Ultrasonic lace machine

Ultrasonic lace sewing machine is an efficient sewing and embossing equipment. It is mainly used to processing of sewing, welding, cutting, punching and embossing of synthetic fiber or blended fiber etc. The finished products will with better water tightness, high efficiency of production, accessory without thread, smooth section without deckle edge and feel comfortable when touch. Ultrasonic lace sewing machine is widely used to industries of clothes, toys, foods, pro-environment nonwovens bags, face masks, respirator (cup type masks, dust masks, disposable non-woven 3 ply face masks, etc). Alias: ultrasonic lace machine, ultrasonic sewing machine, ultrasonic embossing machine, ultrasonic embroidery machine, ultrasonic trimming machine, ultrasonic compound machine, ultrasonic stitching machine, ultrasonic heat sealing machine, ultrasonic Velcro splitting machine, ultrasonic magic sticker slitting machine, ultrasonic gauze element bonding machine, ultrasonic curtain sewing machine and ultrasonic semi-automatic non-woven bag making machine, ultrasonic multifunctional lace sewing machine.
1.The ultrasonic moulds (ultrasonic die) of ultrasonic lace sewing machine made of special alloy steel is pretty durable by special heat treatment, and long using life 2. This lace sewing machine could be operated without pre-heating and has the advantage of continuous production, fast speed, high productivity and can do corner sewing. No smog and spark while processing, no damage to fabric edge. 3. A general worker could operate the machine owes to the convenient and easy-understanding operation of this machine. 4. Use 20KHZ low noise ultrasonic system, prevent noise interference. 5. The ultrasonic lace sewing machine could sew up various kinds of materials directly, meanwhile, can do trimming, punching, impressing, then finish the products producing one time directly, without loose edge and hole. 6. This machine use ultrasonic for cover sewing, pressing and embossing, the design can be changed according to customers’ requirement; the output power can be adjusted according to different thickness material. 7. Colored paper and gold foil paper be added in order to get the effect of printing and hot stamping 8. You can combine many sets of machines to process wider products like quilt cover, sunshade.
Practicable materials:
all chemical synthetic fiber materials, or materials contain chemical fiber blending cloth, chemical film(chemical fiber should more than 30%), for instance, Nylon, needlework cloth, non-woven fabrics, T\R cloth, Tetoron cloth (Polyester cloth),multilayer cloth, and other coated fabric and coated papers.
1. Sewing, pattern edging, cutting, slitting, holing, pattern pressing, forming, coloring, Gilding, edge fold and Printing grain
2. Lacing: clothes, mattress cover, pillow cover, car cover, tent, packaging bag, packsack, luggage, hand bag, curtain, rain coat, wind coat, snow suit, toys, glove, tablecloth, chair cover, bedding bag, hair accessory, accessories, umbrella, lampshade and so on.
3. Embossing: hair accessory, accessories, artwork ornaments, Christmas ornaments, wedding ornaments and so on.
4. Sewing: Non-woven bag, surgical gown, surgical cap, eyeshade, raincoat, PVE handbag, umbrella, packaging bag, tent, shoe and cap products, dust bag and so on.
5. Thread forming, reflected material
6. Slitting: Velcro, satin, cloth (contains 30% chemical fabric), trademark and so on
The advantages of our ultrasonic lace sewing machine compared with traditional thread sewing machine:
1. Ultrasonic welding, without needles and threads which can solve the problem of changing needles and threads frequently; also without the threads broken and linkers as the traditional sewing way, can do cleaning parts welding and cutting to materials, which is not only sewing but also decorations to the products, strong cementation, can reach waterproof, clearly pressing, the surface with better stereo anaglyph effect, high productivity, better processing effect get more features of high-grade products and with high quality.
2. Using ultrasonic and special moulds for cutting and welding, the sealing edge won’t be crazed, won’t hurt the edge of the fabric, also without the loose edge and hemming.
3. No need pre-heating and can do continuous processing.
Model: CC-60S ultrasonic lace machine (Pneumatic)
Output power: 1500W
Operating voltage:  220v±50hz
Working speed: 0-20m/min
Air pressure: 0.1-0.5MPa
Effective breadth:  0-60mm
Output frequency: 20KHz
Embossing mould

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