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Frequency Converter VF3560

1. Product Introduction
VF3560 Variable-Frequency converter(frequency transformer; frequency changer; inverter; frequency converter; transverter; converter)is a new generation of three-phase AC induction motor driver and adopts digital control of dual closed-loop and advanced vector control algorithm. The control performance of motor features stable and reliable with strong anti-interference, adaptable to drive main shaft of embroidery machine.
2. Function Feature

Advanced control algorithm
Adopt advanced vector control algorithm which makes any loading type stably start at low speed, and achieves swifter respond and quicker start/stop movement.

Strong adaptability
Wide voltage range and strong loading adaptability meet the requirements of various embroidery machine main-shaft loads within 1.5KW.

Low noise
Adopt optimal control mode to completely eliminate high-frequency noise when motor runs.

Perfect stability
Adopt IPM module of high quality and precise current sensor to largely strengthen anti-interference ability and stability.

High reliability
Possess protection functions for over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage and overheat to ensure stable and reliable system running.

Strong universality
The control system connectors are compatible with same kind of products on market.

3. Technical Performance
Adapted motor            3-phase AC induction motor
Drive motor quantity     One set
Working voltage           AC220V±15%; 50/60Hz
Max. output current     10A
Input signal                 Pulse signal
Dimensions (mm)         239*123*164
4. Application
Adapted to all kinds of three-phase AC induction motors; mainly applied to driver embroidery machine main motors.
5. Installation Dimensions

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