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Lace Water Melting Embroidery Machine Series

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Lace Water Melting Embroidery Machine Series

Industrial Embroidery Machines--Lace Water Melting Embroidery Machines:
This model series embroidery machine is suitable for lace water melting embroidery, suitable for lace factory, underwear factory, Marriage gauze factory etc;

Specific parameters of embroidery Machinery:

Model Embroidery
Needle Number Head Number Head Spacing
FY-LWE443 162(486)x850 4 43 162 300X400 8545X2220X1300 0.1-12.7 250-850 3PHASE(S)380V
FY-LWE643 162(486)x850 6 43 162 300X400 8545X2220X1300 0.1-12.7 250-850 3PHASE(S)380V
FY-LWE463 162(486)x800 4 43 162 400X400 11785X2220X1300 0.1-12.7 250-850 3PHASE(S)380V
FY-LWE663 162(486)x800 6 43 162 400X400 11785X2220X1300 0.1-12.7 250-850 3PHASE(S)380V

Embroidery Machine Configuration:

Computerized control system Shenzhen “Shan Long” A19 computerized control system
Display Screen TFT10.4
Memory Stitch amount 16 million
Memory pattern amount 400
Flat main Shaft Motor 2000W Servo motorX1
Towel main shaft motor 2000W servo motorX1
Frame Driver Motor 1500W Stepper motorX2
Data Transmission U disk
Rotary Hook Original imported Japan rotary hook set
Frame Belt Original imported German belt
Flat trimming way Electromagnet automatic trimming
Cording trimminbg way Electromagnet automatic trimming
Thread hook way MotAutomatic color changeor concentration thread hook
Flat color change way Automatic color change
Flat to Towel conversion way Automatic and manual operation
Cording device Double twins the material structure
Cording function Taping,chenile,zig-zag
Sequin device Install way Front or Side install
Sequin device number Single sequin or double sequin
Sequin specifications 3mm,4mm,5mm,6.75mm,9mm etc.
Sequin driver way Air pressure driver
Break line detection system Two-bits detection
Frame guide rail Aluminum alloy line guide rail
Frame drive Heavy four load line guide
Head remove way Up-middle-down guide rail
Prevent frame alarm have
Embroidery date keep have
Frame materials High precision high material high hardness alloy
Presser  foot Circular presser foot
Trimming knife type Big knife of TAI WAN

443 lace water melting embroidery machine used by our client.

Lace water melting embroidery curtain.

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