Mini Rhinestone Setting Machine

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Mini Rhinestone Setting Machine

Mini Rhinestone setting machine (Scarf Rhinestone Setting Machine, Sweater Rhinestone Setting Machine, Rhinestone setter for hat, handbag Rhinestone Machine, Birthday Card Rhinestone Fixing Machine, silk Setting machine, Fabric Crystal Hot Fix Machine, Garment Rhinestone Setting machine) is used to set rhinestones, studs and crystals directly and firmly on heat transfer material like T-shirt,finished cap or hat ,and other different fabric with an open filed, which combines an ultrasound machine to a movement Axis X & Y.The total process is controlled by the computerized system at high speed with the HI-HEAT energy from ultrasonic. There are optional hoppers available that allow you to do any combination of 2 different colors and sizes of rhinestone and rhinestuds ,and make it possible to do multi-color and multi- size designs. It realizes easy and efficient production since no need to make cumbersome transfer motif manually.
2.Program Software:
we will equip one set of rhinestone software which can design any graphic files with the format of JPG, DXF,WMF,EMF,PLT etc on your computer;You can save the designed files as DST or PLT format into a U disc, then connect it with the machine computer. The computer can read the DST/PLT files and set the rhinestones automatically on the fabric based on the designed patterns.
This rhinestone software is easy to understand and use. It has drawing tools like line, circle & arc, with auto spacing for stones.), a rich libraryfor different stones and size. It has the ability to turn any bitmap image into a rhinestone design.
It also includes design simulation so it is the "what you see is what you get" type of program.
Garment factory,Garment printing factory, Women's Wear, lingerie, Children Wear, Chiffon, Velour, Jean, Knitted Sweater, Leather,Silk, T-shirt , Jeans,Ties,Bags,Shoes,evening or wedding dresses.
4. Different Functions:

1) Flat-bed decoration: setting rhinestones or rhinestuds on different fabric with an open field;
2) Finished garment decoration:setting rhinestones or rhinestuds on Garment like t-shirt;
3): Finished cap decoration: setting rhinestones or rhinestuds on finished cap or hat;

5. Specification:
1) Computer: DeCristal computer control with USB port
2) Format supported: DST, PLT;
3) Maximum Speed:80-180 pics per minute;
4) Electricity: 110/220/380 volts, 50/60 HZ;
5) Air Pressure : 4bar;
6) Frame Driver:Single Phase, stepping motor;
7) Welding method:Ultrasonic;
8) Delivery time:within 25 days after receiving deposit;
9) Package:vacuum packing inside,PLYWOOD packing outside;
10) MOQ: 1 set;

Computerized control system with Touch Screen for easy operation;
Starting within 3 seconds and stopping at any time as being powered by Rtos system;
Automatic positioning exactlyaccording to x-y coordinates;
Test function of Rhinestone fix: having a test in advance by moving the fabric manually with the semi-auto welding method to check the effect on different fabric;
Compatible with embroidery hoop/frames, Cap frames;
English available on the Touch Screen and Manual;
For large designs or many repetitions of small designs;
1,2,3,4 heads,2,4,6,8 colors for option,each head can be locked for independent work,separate control;
Maximum speed up to 180pcs per minute. Normal speed:80-150pcs/min to keep long life;
High efficiency patented rhinestone feeder;
Rhinestone fixing can be done manually by move the fabric by hands, weld the rhinestone by step on nozzle control foot pedal;
Cloth parameters pre-set function:parameters can be set in advance according to the different material;
Rhinestone fixing progress can be simulated on Display Screen;
Pattern Design Storage: No limitation of patterns amount with large capacity of memory;

7.Touch Screen Controller Features:

Powered by Rtos system, stable, could start within 3 seconds. Bilingual Display - English and Chinese. Cloth parameters pre-set function: different cloths characteristic can be set in advance to improve cloth change, mounting efficiency. Rhinestone fixing progress can be simulated on screen display. Pattern Design Storage:No limitation on number of patterns, depends on capacity of internal machine memory. Set origin, repeatition, roation, scale the designs up/down ,Welding time,checking of pattern periphery,color-changing. Powered failure protection, no missing original memory,supplement missing rhinestones


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