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NB-Z250 Nonwoven Medical Gauze Spone and Swap Making Machine

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NB-Z250 Nonwoven Medical Gauze Spone and Swap Making Machine

Salient Features

Material: spunlace non-woven, PP non-woven fabric
Machine principle: auto feeding-- line-- ultrasonic wire bonding-- vertical folding / non folding-- lateral folding-- output products.
Machine has device for synchronous transmission with wide belt, 2 places with control tension device to ensure the precise size of folding finished products.
And equipped with positive and negative conductive cloth conversion device to facilitate the production.
One set large power ultrasonic wire-stitching machine, ultrasonic output frequency and speed can be adjusted
One set line pay-off rack, angle could be adjusted, easy operation.
One set multifunctional special-shaped folding device, more folding method could be done.
Eg: 0; 1/2; 1/4 etc.
Folding roller is one integral type with connecting shaft, four sets of cutting wire cutting precision machining production. We are the first company to do this small folding rollers.
The transmission parts of the device adopt the double piece gear to cooperate with the bevel gear transmission, and the gear clearance is eliminated, the processing technique is fine, and the noise is small.
Machine table and other parts touched product are adopt 304 stainless steel.
The equipment adopts the high quality frequency converter to combine the whole set of electric appliance control, the electric appliance part wiring standard is reasonable, beautiful, easy to operate.
The machine has the advantages of compact structure, fast speed, stable performance, simple operation and advanced design concept, and is in accordance with the production condition of sanitary products!



NB- Z50

Machine speed

About 100-300pcs/min

Raw material width


Folding way

In vertical way, no folding; in across way, continuously fold; press line continuously by ultrasonic

Rated voltage

380 V, 50 HZ, 3 phases

Total power


Machine size



Packing size


Machine weight/packing weight



  • with sewing X-ray thread (if sewing is not wanted, turn off ultrasonic and then sewing machine does not work)

Video: https://youtu.be/YVWtpY65GJw

  • without sewing X-ray thread


NB-50 2-Function Gauze Folding Machine


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