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NC-1600 Automatic 2 Side Feeding Protective Gown & Apron Cutting Machine

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NC-1600 Automatic 2 Side Feeding Protective Gown & Apron Cutting Machine 





Mold design drawing example:

design drawing 










Mold examples:

customer mold1

Example 1

customer mold2

Example 2


Final product example:


final product

Applicable material: nonwoven and plastic film


Effective area of worktable 2100mm * 1600mm

Machine weight 13 tons

Cylinder diameter 160mm * 4

Guide column diameter: 120mm * 6

Motor 11kw, Grade 6

High pressure pump pv2r3-126

The thickness of upper and lower worktable panels: 55mm

Independent research and development of hydraulic manifold block

Hydraulic brake valve Taiwan North fine machinery

Pressure: 150 tons

Raw material thickness: 0-15cm

Cutting layer quantity: 100 layers/time

Cutting time/action: 6 seconds



Four oil cylinders, precision six column double link automatic balancing mechanism, ensure the cutting depth accuracy of each cutting position is 0.05 mm controlled by the hydraulic system, ensure the cutting speed and accuracy of the machine, all sliding connection parts adopt the oil supply automatic lubrication device.

2. When the cutting head is pressed down, it will slow down automatically before contacting the cutter for 10 mm, so that there is no dimensional error between the upper layer and the lower layer when cutting multi-layer materials

3. The conveying part is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC. The chain drives the material input from one side of the machine. After die cutting, the material exits from one side to ensure the feeding and stable operation. The feeding length can be adjusted conveniently through the touch screen, and the fault display information is convenient for machine maintenance.

4. All aluminum motor feeding and receiving make alignment accuracy.

5. Special mold setting structure, with cutter and cutting height, making stroke adjustment simple and accurate.

6. The machine is equipped with infrared photoelectric safety protection device and safety protection isolation cover to make the operation safer.

7. The fixed clamping device of the cutter die makes it convenient and quick to replace the cutter die.

8. The input and output of the material are all transported on the PP board, and the die-cutting and blanking of the material is also completed automatically on the PP board.



Video link:

Fully Automatic Die Cutting Machine fro Protection & Isolation & Surgical Gown & Apron

https://youtu.be/B2tHHXUnHLs with material

https://youtu.be/v-NhI-OAN3Q without material

High efficient way:

(left)NB-1600 Raw material Rolling & cutting machine + (middle) NC-1600 protective gown die cutting machine + (right) NB-1600 Raw material Rolling & cutting machine: 250000 pieces/day 






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