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Nonwoven Bath Mitten Machine

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Automatic Disposable Nonwoven Bath Mitten Machine

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Performance characteristics:

The machine adopts touch-screen,PLC procedure control, easy to operate, gas up the shaft under the raw materials, save labor. Ultrasonic welding firm, auto crop, containing stacking capabilities. Disposable molding. Products are mainly used for disposable shoe, wiping tables, bathing and so on.

Main Technical Parameter:

Power supply: AC380V/220V 50HZ

Power: 4KW

Designed speed: 150pcs/min

Optimum speed: 80-100pcs/min

Dimension: 2120*1930*1740mm

Weight: 500kg


Main configuration:

  1. Ultrasonic : 1set (changzhou)
  2. Motor: TaiWan “YongKun”
  3. Touch screen: TaiWan “Wei- Lun”
  4. Inverter: TaiWan “Sunfar”
  5. PLC: Japan “Mitsubishi”
  6. Low-voltage electrical: delixi 
  7. Magnetic tension :1set


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