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Single Head Embroidery Machine

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Compact Type Single Head Multifunctional Embroidery Machine Series

Machine configures:
1: Adopt Shenzhen “Shan Long” 318 computerized control system; 2: Machine head linear rail; 3: Adopt original imported Japan rotary hook set; 4: Adopt original imported German belt; 5: Adopt original imported Japan bearing for all main driving system; 6: Adopt advanced framing system; 7: Equipped with full cap frame; 8: Equipped with full tubular frame: 300X300, 240X240; Ø210; Ø180; Ø120; 9: Equipped with workspace lighting; 10: Equipped with wind-proof threading tube; 11: Adopt USB pattern transfer;

Model FY-MTPA901/FY-MTPA1201/FY-MTPA1501
Specification 740X762X852
Computerized Control System “Shan Long” computerized control system
Display Screen TFT4.0
Memory Stitch amount 16 million
Memory pattern amount 400
Main Shaft Motor AC Servo motorX1
Frame Driver Motor AC Stepper motorX2
Needle Number 9/12/15
Embroidery Area(mm) 450X330
Stitch (mm) 0.1--12.7
Speed(rpm) 300-1000
Power(V) 110/220v

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