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Ultrasonic Digital Cutting Machine

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Ultrasonic Digital Cutting Machine

By using the digital controls the material tapes can be adjusted and cut at various lengths and speed by ultrasonic digital cutting machine (ribbon cutting machine, tape cutting machine). While cutting labels, the edge of the material tapes are sealed by the instant heat from the ultrasonic unit.
Furthermore, the pressure of the cutting blade can be adjusted tocreate folding lines at the users’ convenience. At the end of the procedure, cutter will stack up the labels automatically and remove the static electricity simultaneously.
Ribbon, normal fabric tape, special fabric tape, soft roll material.
1. The excellent results of the use of ultrasound is cut, the wound of beautiful, trimming neat and smooth, no flash, ghost edge, not black, not burnt, not stiff shear product feel
2. The machine adopts PLC touch screen console, automatic feeding, computer count, high precision, speed, adjust the length of the simple and quick, efficient, depending on the product requirements and can be multiple simultaneous shear.
Main Technical Parameter:

Cutting length Cutting width Cutting speed Power Rate Weight Dimension
300—100mm 10---50mm 700pcs/min 220V1.5kw 105kg 85*65*143cm

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