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Ultrasonic Folding Machine

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Ultrasonic Non-woven Folding Machine

Ultrasonic folding machine (non-woven fabric flanging machine, non-woven folding machine, edging machine, non-woven fabric flanger, ultrasonic flang turner) is the multi-functional equipment for non-woven fabric to fold and knurl so that its final product is even and beautiful.
It is easy to operate and stable with high speed.
model: BD-1200
diameter:  Ф600mm
maxi width:  1200mm
maxi folding speed:  80m/min
rolling diameter:  Ф500mm
material thickness: 0.018~0.08mm
folding precision:  ±0.5mm
total power: 2kw
air supply:  0.6Mpa
weight:  800kg
size: 5350×2000×1500mm

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