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Ultrasonic Glove Machine

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Ultrasonic Glove machine

Ultrasonic glove machine (ultrasonic disposable shoe cover machine, ultrasonic disposablesleeve machine, ultrasonic disposable cleaing cloth machine, ultrasonic disposable polishing cloth machine) makes disposable non-woven composite gloves of different sizes and patterns by changing mould from material feeding to forming automatically. One mould makes 2 sizes of gloves. It occupies small pace, with table top of stainless steel, structure of steel, electroplating wall without rusting. It also uses to make disposable shoe cover, polishing cloth and cleaning cloth for for hotel.
1.Inported frequency motor makes speed stable and adjustment easy. Mould is made of imported mould steel curved by computer and forms at one time so it is very precise, beautiful and firm , reaching international level.
2.big output, small size
3.Controlled by inverter, gear chain transmission, high liability, excellent function.
4.Adjusted ultrasonic or welding by electrical heating.
5.Beautiful and fashionable outlook.
6.All made up of steel plate
7.Insole size and output can be made by your demand.
8.Automatic cycle control.
output: 25-50/minute
voltage:single phase, 220V, 50Hz
Main composition:
main machine frame
Discharging frame

disposable cloth, disposable polishing cloth, disposable shoes cloth

disposable gloves

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