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Ultrasonic Nonwoven Strip Cap Machine

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Ultrasonic Nonwoven Strip Cap Machine

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Automatic Ultrasonic Non-woven Strip Cap Making Machine is the dedicated machine for producing elastic-type non-woven hood style and makes different size of caps according to your head shape. From feeding to forming, counting and collecting can be completed at one time fully automatically, which does not need manual intervention and therefore avoids pollution of final products.
The machine could be operate easily only by one person.

Using ultrasonic skill, bouffant cap is produced in clean and intact shape, sewed firmly, straight and uniformly, without jumpers or leakage, holes or stains, and easy to wear, resisting the allergy.
The products could be used in electric industry, dust-free workshop, food service industry, food processing, schools, flame plating processing, metal stamping, hospital, cosmetology, pharmacy, factory, cleaning industry etc.
1. PLC microcomputer control.
2. Original Ultrasonic system, have high-stability.
3. Imported steel-horn, precision processing technology, strong and durable.
4. Automatic tension control to make sure production beauty.
5. Importing brake motor, reduce the defect rate and low noise.
6. Automatically alarm when lack the materials.
7. The machine’s structure is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, beautiful and anti-rust.
8. Overload tips by ultrasonic system.
9. It can be designed by according to your demand.
10. High stability, high performance, low failure rate.
Major Dispositions:
1.Panasonnic PLC
2.Taiwan Wanxin motor
3.Taiwan skill Ultrasonic system  3 sets
4.Taiwan Delta converter
5.Japan IDEC relay
6.Taiwan Delta inverter
7.Germany Siemens buttons
Model BD-60
Machine Dimensions 5000(L) x 700(W) x 1520(H)mm
Driving Motion AC Motor
Electric Control Mitisubishi PLC
Control Panel Button
Power Source 220V, 50/60HZ,1P or 3P
Power consumption 6kw
Compressed air 1HP
Capacity 50-60pcs/min

Product Sample:

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