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Ultrasonic Shoe Cover Machine

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Ultrasonic  Shoe  Cover  Machine

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BD-15 ultrasonic shoe cover machine is the combination of automatic control system and ultrasonic gluing skill. It can automatically make elastic shoe cover of unwoven fabric, PP plastic and feet film. Its material is PP film and nonwoven fabric. It can produce 30 pieces of shoe covers which are suitable for hospital, sauna, beauty culture, no dust industry etc.
1.Suitable for chemical fiber cloth, nonwoven, needle-free hot melt fabric stitching, sewing or replacement under the pressure welding, welding with a continuous function of infinite length, welding firm, beautiful, efficient;
2. Specially designed multi-rack system, with straight line stitching, turn stitching, sewing and rotary cylinder lap and many other uses.

1.The new computer intelligent ultrasonic generator;
2. Overhead type ultrasonic transducer device;
3 . Welding head pneumatic lifting system;
4. Roll die correction institutions and Zhengliao system;
5. Special frame design, with many useful features;
6. Single motor control system;

Power Supply: 220±5V 50Hz 10A
(Built-in power filter circuit)
Maximum power: 1500w(Third gear power adjustable)
Output frequency: 20KHz (automatic with the frequency of system)
Speed: 0-10m/min
Effective width: 0-12mm
Ambient temperature: -10℃-28℃
Net weight :120KG;
Packing weight : 170KG
Wooden box size: 800mm (length) × 800mm (width) × 1500mm (H)
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