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Ultrasonic Welding Machine

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Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Between tradition and plastics joint of piece, to adopt organic to hold the pasting of pharmaceutical, not only influence the appearance of the products, Cause the products not to improve grade, the inefficiency, and the chemical solvent causes the pollution of the environment, Influence the health. Development and application of the ultrasonic solder technology, have solved the bad phenomenon of the above, Make energy consumption reduce, weld out of shape, firm, easy to operatly also , bring economy and social benefit to the user. This machine is used in the disposable welding of weaving cotton cloth, gauze mask, two end rubber muscle mainly, Can hold and weld directly , can hang the posture, many hair style use according to one's own working environment too.
Item: Ultrasonic welding machine(ultrasonic welder, ultrasonic nonwoven fabric machine, ultrasonic ear loop welding machine, ultrasonic bra shoudler strap welding machine)
Power Supply:220V
Output power:2000W
Working speed:80 Times / minute
Output frequency:20KHZ
For width:20-60MM
Working pressure:0.1--0.5MPA
Product sample:

Non woven bag soft handle attaching, non woven face mask ear loop welding, non woven surgical gown belt welding,etc

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